Terms & Conditions


1.1 These terms and conditions dictate the way in which you will conduct business with Blue Lite Branding which offers digital marketing services through its website www.bluelitebranding.com. This website is owned and managed by the company MILDRING WAVE INTEGRATED LIMITED registered and located in NIGERIA. Acceptance of a quote for business from this company constitutes that the client has fully accepted all of the following terms and conditions below.

1.2 Clients will need to read the following terms and conditions carefully if they intend to use any of the digital marketing services offered on www.bluelitebranding.com. If clients do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, then they may not use this website.

1.3 In order to access and enquire about services on the website www.bluelitebranding.com and to receive a quote for any of the packages offered then customers will need to first create an account. Accounts are free and there are no membership or subscription services – clients are billed only for the services that they have used separately.

1.4 We encourage all of our clients to read our Privacy Policy alongside these terms and conditions so that they fully understand the ways in which their personal data will be collected and used throughout the duration of their business relationship with www.bluelitebranding.com.

1.5 We may modify or make changes to these terms and conditions at any time, so we recommend that you check back to this page regularly to see if there have been any updates made.


2.1 All clients will select the time period of their contract when they accept a quote from www.bluelitebranding.com.

2.2 Contracts typically last for a duration of either 1-12 months.

2.3 Clients will be advised on the term of their contract depending on the services and packages that they have selected, however we typically recommend a minimum term of a three month contract in order to fully benefit from the services which www.bluelitebranding.com offers.

2.4 This agreement shall come into effect from the date which is specified in the quote following the agreement of the minimum term.

2.5 This agreement may only be terminated once the minimum term has been completed.

2.6 Any clients wishing to withdraw from their agreements early will still be liable for the full expenses to be paid and will need to request an early withdrawal in writing.


3.1 All clients will need to pay www.bluelitebranding.com all of the charges which have been specified in their quote ahead of any of the services commencing.

3.2 Clients may choose to extend the term of their agreements at any time upon paying for this extension in advance.

3.3 All of the services and packages are priced differently and all clients will be issued a full invoice for their services which will include a detailed break-down of all of the costs.

3.4 The client will pay the company what has been quoted to them.

3.5 All services we provide must be paid upfront online using Visa and/or Mastercard.

3.6 All payments will be visible on your statement as MWIBLB, NIGERIA.


4.1 All clients are entitled to cancel their orders

4.2 If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with our services once you have made a complaint with www.bluelitebranding.com you may request a refund

4.3 If you wish to submit a request for a refund you will have a timeframe of 2-3 days in which to do so

4.4 www.bluelitebranding.com will only honour the refund request if within this time period, in a written format and provided services have not commenced.

4.5 If you are successful in getting a refund – your funds will be cleared into the original bank account you used to make the payment within 7-10 days


5.1 The company will advise the client to the best of their ability which of the services it thinks will be most suitable for the client in order to improve their digital marketing strategy.

5.2The company will provide the services that have been specified in the quote in accordance with these terms and conditions.

5.3 All of the marketing efforts are provided in-house by the team at www.bluelitebranding.com.

5.4 Clients have the option of choosing a single package or choosing multiple packages to best improve their digital marketing efforts. The client will be advised by www.bluelitebranding.com on how to best achieve this.

5.5 The company will not breach any copyright laws when creating the strategy or providing the work to the client.

5.6 An overview of the services offered includes:

  1. SEO
  2. PPC
  3. ORM
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Website Design and Development
  6. Social Media


6.1 In order to provide digital marketing strategies the client will need to provide www.bluelitebranding.com with a detailed brief and overview of its business.

6.2 Clients may also be asked to provide the following information and access:

  1. The ability to make changes and access to the company website
  2. Assistance in identifying keywords and phrases associated with the business
  3. Access to social media channels
  4. Access to any analytical data that is available about the website and its online presence
  5. All documentation that the company requests in order to carry the work out

6.3 Clients must guarantee that all of the information which has been passed on to the company is correct and free of any copyright restrictions.


7.1 The client grants the company the right to use their website and all of the information which is on there for the purpose of fulfilling the contract which has been agreed in the proposal

7.2 All intellectual property that is generated by the company shall remain the exclusive property of the company


8.1 The company warrants to the client that:

  1. It shall perform all activities with reasonable care and skill
  2. It has the legal authority to be able to enter into this agreement

8.2 The client acknowledges that:

  1. Instant results of digital marketing campaigns cannot be guaranteed. Any failure to reach any targets which have been specified is not a breach of the agreement as results cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Improved digital marketing does not in itself directly increase turnover. The company will not be liable for any decrease in turnover
  3. Changes as a result of digital marketing can take as long as many months to take effect


9.1 The company has no control over the direct effects of digital marketing and it cannot guarantee or predict the time that it takes for the business to improve or change

9.2 The company will accept no responsibilities for delays in delivery for key milestones if the delay is caused by the client not providing the right information on time

9.3 The company shall accept no responsibility for low rankings or any negative impact which their advice has had.


10.1 Either party can terminate the contract once the minimum term has expired by giving 30 days’ notice in writing to the company

10.2 Either party may terminate the contract with immediate effect if:

  1. A breach in the contract occurs


If you have any questions relating to these terms and conditions then please get in touch with us.